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Digital Marketing to Your SOI

The Coldwell Banker brand is home to those agents who demand more from a real estate company, whether it’s technology, culture or opportunities to grow. To help our agents leave their mark, we always strive to provide them with a wide array of training topics presented in a variety of ways. In October, we celebrated SOI Month. Each of our campuses held social media contests and mastermind classes throughout the month to assist agents in growing and nurturing their SOI.

The marketing department went on a campus tour to debut its latest class, Digital Marketing to your SOI. The purpose of this class was to empower agents to take their digital marketing efforts to the next level. Read below for some of the tips you can implement in your own business.

Workshop Invitation featuring Senior Marketing Director, Melissa Fama Flis and Digital Marketing Manager, Tamara Foote

Follow every buyer and seller on social media Whenever you take a listing or someone signs a buyer’s agreement, you should be letting them know you also do business on social media. Opening a conversation about social media early on, makes it easier to engage with these clients and allows you to tag them in posts. Doing these things could help generate referrals from the client’s Facebook friends when they see how easy it is to work with you. At CBPR our CRM automatically pulls social media profile information when you insert a new contact, making this process even easier!

Social Listening Social listening is something brands do monitor customer feedback or direct discussions around their products, but how do you use this as a real estate agent? Use social listening to see what your friends, clients and community members are talking about. Do you see a lot of questions surrounding saving for a new home, home improvement tips, or general questions about what to do in Las Vegas? Use those questions to start creating original content to share, positioning you as their go-to expert.

Tracking SOI Engagement Email marketing is a useful way for you to build relationships with prospects, leads and your current SOI base, but most agents don’t realize they should be tracking this customer engagement. At Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, we can easily track the open rate of emails through our CRM. Knowing who is engaging with your content will allow you to do the following:

  1. Touch base with people in your SOI who have not engaged with your content to stay top of mind

  2. Adjust which campaigns clients are receiving

  3. Reach out to clients who opened your email with follow up information

  4. See which emails are being bounced so you can update their information

If you are interested in attending our next marketing workshop, follow our LINKEDIN page for details.

Interested in a career in real estate? Begin a conversation with Devin Reiss, vice president of sales and career development, at 702-672-7644 or fill out the form below.

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