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3 Practices to Grow your Business

Mastermind with the Master is a new series where top-performing Coldwell Banker Premier Realty agents share their knowledge. The mastermind class in conjunction with our sales meetings ensures that our agents are receiving a variety of educational strategies that they can implement immediately to grow their businesses.

This blog post, “Three practices to grow your real estate business”, is a summary from our latest mastermind class with Top-25 agent, Tricia Kiefer. Tricia shared three things that she believed were instrumental in growing her business.

Yes, listing clients are important, but you do not want to neglect your buyers business, because satisfied buyers will lead to referrals. Here are her three tips on making these transactions go smooth.

Perfecting your buyer presentation

  1. Know your client. What are they looking for, what can they afford, what they cannot live without? Knowing this information will eliminate days of endless showings.

  2. Know your inventory. Tricia uses her CBPR network to stay up to date on the newest listings and to preview homes at broker opens before they are available to the general public.

  3. Have them sign a buyer agreement. Doing this ensures the buyer knows everything that you are doing for them. It demonstrates your value and shows the buyer that you are worth your commission.

Friends with FSBO’s

Tricia prides herself on being a resource for anyone in her area attempting to sell their own home. When you gain their trust, you will be kept top of mind when that listing potentially expires. A lot of the time, these owners will allow you to hold an open house on their behalf, which is a great way to meet new clients.

Keeping in contact with your SOI

Tricia explained that most of her business comes from staying in contact with her sphere of influence. She uses tools like our automated monthly emails, provided by Coldwell Banker Premier Realty to help keep her SOI informed and entertained. This keeps her on their mind when they want to do more business or have friends who are looking to buy or sell a home.

Do you want to attend one of our Mastermind classes in person? Fill out this form for more information on our class schedule. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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