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5 Resolutions to Incorporate Into your Business

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At Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, we believe while the tools, services, and technology we provide are instrumental in the growth of our agents business, but It is also important to incorporate hands-on in-person training. One of the ways we do this is with our twice-monthly Sales Meetings that focus on the “Whole Agent.” Not only do we go over topics ranging from tax preparation to gratitude practice, it gives our agents and staff a chance to get together to build our community. Below you will find an example of one of our presentations, 5 ways to incorporate resolutions into your business.

Set yourself up for a prosperous 2019 by incorporating these 5 resolutions into your business planning.

  1. Have ambitious goals! Make sure your goals at the beginning of the year line up with what you want to achieve. Ask yourself these questions.

  2. Are you reaching high enough, or Settling?

  3. What big ticket items are you not considering

  4. What big ticket items do you need to plan for?

  5. Have higher standards! Determine how your business is now, and think about where you want it to be in 2019. You should not settle for less than you deserve.

  6. Do you still have peaks and valleys?

  7. What won’t you go below?

  8. Listing inventory minimum, open escrow minimum, active buyer minimum?

  9. Focus on what matters! Plan to spend your days doing the activities that will help you succeed the most in your business.

  10. Skills development/role-playing

  11. Prospecting.

  12. Follow up/appointment setting

  13. Going on appointments.

  14. Negotiations.

  15. Have high energy! A positive and upbeat personality is contagious and will help attract more clients. Use these activities to help keep your energy up.

  16. Going to the Gym.

  17. Taking small breaks throughout the day.

  18. Follow up/appointment setting

  19. Going on morning or evening walks.

  20. Keeping a healthy diet.

  21. Have a quantitative approach! Learn to love your numbers. Top agents know their numbers and make their business duplicable. For example, to accomplish one of your ambitious goals, you would need to know these factors.

  22. How many appointments do you need to go on to meet this goal?

  23. How many contacts do you need to make in order to get those appointments?

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