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5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Average Sales Price

Updated: May 30


Mastermind with the Master is a new agent expert class where top Coldwell Banker Premier Realty agents share their knowledge. The mastermind class in conjunction with our sales meetings ensures, that our agents are receiving a variety of educational strategies that they can use to grow their businesses.

This blog post, “5 Simple Ways to Grow Your Average Sales Price”, is a summary from our first ever Mastermind class with Sarah Cadiz. Sarah raised her average sales price over 160 percent in her first year at CBPR. Interested in attending one of these events? See the class schedule here, and fill out the event registration form at the end of this post.

  1. Do not fear the unknown. Sarah said this was her biggest challenge, but the old adage “fake it till you make it” worked. Eventually everything became second nature. This is good advice for both someone new to the industry, or an experienced agent implementing new strategies or changing brokers.

  2. Customer service is key. Coming from a service background, Sarah believes great customer service can set you apart from other agents. You should always listen to the customer and adapt the way you work to fit their needs. Do your clients prefer texting? Text them!

  3. Saturate your market. When it comes to traditional marketing, the average consumer needs to see something seven times before they realize it exists (triple that for social media marketing). It may take time to establish yourself in a certain neighborhood, but be consistent and present. Over time, you will be the person they think of when they need real estate services.

  4. Brand yourself. Don’t just try to sell people on what you can do for them, but WHY they want you to do it. What is unique about your personality and what do you offer that a client won’t get anywhere else? Make sure your online and face-to-face presence is always “on brand.”

  5. Never believe you “have arrived.” You want to have confidence in yourself and your ability, but that should never mean you stop learning. Sarah is constantly attending workshops at CBPR, reading articles, and learning about new technologies that can push her business even further.

Do you want to attend one of our Mastermind classes in person? You can view the class schedule here, or fill out the form below for more information.

Sarah discovered the CBPR difference in 2017 and consistently ranks as a top 25 Sales Associate across all three of our campuses.

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