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5 Ways to Thrive on Zoom

It’s been three months since most of us in the real estate industry started working from home. Although our offices are open, Zoom meetings have become a staple in our day-to-day lives. Whether we are using it for training and coaching, client meetings, happy hours, or even Zoomba, we’ve had to restructure how we do business overnight. Even though Zoom classes have been essential to helping our agents thrive, I think we can all admit that we could use a breath of fresh air. Keep reading to see 5 ways to beat zoom fatigue.

  1. Zoom Free Zones Create a space on your schedule for focus time. You can do this daily or weekly. We have adjusted our class schedule to keep Fridays Zoom free. Now that our Fridays are free, we are bringing back our FB Group lunchtime dance party. Click here to see what our FB Group, CBPR Social is all about.

  2. Minimize Screen Distractions If you are like most people, you spend most of the meeting gazing at your own video block. Turning off your video screen can help you be more in the moment and engaged in the meeting. That goes for other people’s videos too. If you find yourself concentrating on checking out other people’s backgrounds, encourage speakers to use plain backgrounds to keep you focused.

  3. Take Breaks Make sure you are not taking meetings all day and to schedule breaks. There is science behind how often you should be doing so. Click here to learn how often to take them, and what to do during.

  4. Pick Up The Phone Zoom meetings became popular when we were unable to see people on a daily basis, but it shouldn’t replace a good phone call. Look at your schedule to determine if any of your scheduled meetings can be handled over the phone.

  5. Switch It Up We know that setting up a designated home office is the #1 way to get stuff done, but moving to a location with more light, or even just closer to a window, can help you feel more focused on the meeting at hand.

Do you have any surefire ways to beat zoom fatigue? Let us know in the comments below. You can also take our survey here to let us know if there are any classes you haven’t seen but would like to attend. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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