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Jessie Sorani has been guiding families home in the Las Vegas Valley with Coldwell Banker Premier Realty since 2011. Jessie is no stranger to our Top-25 agent list, and won numerous awards at our Annual Awards Celebration, including Top-10 Sales Associates for GCI, which she grew by 33% in 2019. She prides herself in providing her clients with the most up-to-date market news and delivering superior customer service. This month, we are sitting down with Jessie to highlight her accomplishments and identify how she leveraged the resources offered by our Corporate Services team.

CBPR: Jessie, in 2019 you increased your GCI by 33%. How do you continue to grow your business year after year and to what do you credit that success?

Jessie: My business has been built on referrals! My clients know that they come first, and it means so much to me that they trust me to help them with one of the biggest decisions of their life. That trust results in the referral of their family and friends.

CBPR: I bet it is a wonderful feeling that your clients know you go above and beyond for them. Is there any department at CBPR that assists you with your referral business?

Jessie: The Corporate Service department does a lot for me. They help me find great out-of-state agents for my clients who need to buy or sell in a different location. Their referral network ensures my clients receive the same level of service I would provide myself no matter where they plan on buying or selling real estate.

CBPR: With the referral business, do you find yourself overwhelmed on the backend with paperwork?

Jessie: No – and that’s the best part! Not only do the ladies in the Corporate Services department refer me business, they diligently watch over my transactions and remind me of upcoming deadlines.

CBPR: You were one of the agents selected as a guest speaker in our Mastermind with the Master classes. What was the one piece of advice you shared?

Jessie: My advice to new agents is to take failures or setbacks as a learning experience. Learn from your mistakes and use that knowledge to do better in the future. This is also true for agents who have already had success in the business. You should never think you are above learning new things. That is one of the reasons I love the classes offered at CBPR. We are always learning new strategies to help grow our business.

This interview originally took place pre Covid-19. We reached out to Jessie to find out how she has adjusted her business during this time. CBPR: You mentioned previously that you have grown your business on personal and outgoing referrals. Have you noticed a shift in how you are working with clients, and what tip would you give to agents finding it difficult to navigate client relationships at this time?

Jessie: I wouldn’t say I have shifted my business practice much, but I am even more focused on checking in with my past clients. It is important to me that they know I am here for them, and not just when they need to buy or sell a home. One positive that has come from this situation is that Facetime has allowed me to have a deeper connection with my clients than traditional phone calls. I just closed a deal with an out-of-state buyer and being able to assist them from their home while they snuggled up with a dog on their lap was very special.

Meet Your Corporate Services Team

The CBPR Corporate Services Team| 2019 Cartus Platinum Award Winners

Sue Kwasneski | Vice President, Corporate Services Sara Maring | Operations Manager, Corporate Services Jasmine Rockwell | Account Specialist, Corporate Services

Not only does our Corporate Services department help facilitate our agent’s client referrals, but they do it with a smile, which is why they were awarded the Navy Federal Spirit Bell Award in 2020. The Spirit Bell Award is presented in recognition of overall performance excellence and outstanding service to Navy Federal’s network of over 900+ million members. They are continuously ranked amongst the best of the Cartus Broker Network, the leader in employee relocation solutions. This year marks the 6th year in a row being named a Cartus Platinum member.

If you are new to CBPR and want to get to know the corporate services department, make sure you come prepared to talk about your love for the Vegas Golden Knights, because these ladies are super-fans, and I think we are all yearning to have them back in our lives. Go Knights Go!

Read all our department reviews by clicking the photo below.

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