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Sky Rocket Your Real Estate Career

Mastermind with the Master is a new series where top-performing Coldwell Banker Premier Realty agents share their knowledge. The mastermind class in conjunction with our sales meetings ensures that our agents are receiving a variety of educational strategies that they can implement immediately to grow their businesses.

This blog post, Sky Rocket Your Real Estate Career, is a summary from our latest mastermind class with Necia Bunnell. Necia shared how she went from working three jobs to having a successful real estate business.

  1. Be Yourself

Everyone has people they look up to in their industry but you cannot compare yourself to others. Take note of what others are doing but have confidence in yourself and what makes you special. Everyone has their own life experiences from which to draw and you will attract people who want to work with you for those reasons. For Necia, it was her ethic of hard work which she learned from her father growing up on a dairy farm in Utah.

2. Mindset Matters

Real estate can be a tough industry at any stage of your career. Necia worked two other jobs while still devoting 20-30 hours a week to building her real estate business. In whatever spare time she had, Necia would (and still does) take time for self-improvement by reading books like “The Answer” by John Assaraf and “Zero Resistance Selling” by Maxwell Maltz. Necia is a firm believer that when you better yourself first, you are more equipped to take care of others.

Having the right mindset also means you learn from your mistakes or hardships by falling forward. Necia recounted many instances where something did not go her way. She was fired from her first buyer after not being able to find her the perfect home and lost her first listing because she was unable to get back to a client in time. In both of these instances, she knew it was important to pick herself back up and implement better practices going forward. It was having this mindset that allowed her to eventually quit her other jobs and thrive on real estate full time.

3. Try Everything Once

There is no right way to grow your business, so Necia’s advice is to implement mass imperfect action. What does that mean? It means not waiting until you think something is perfect to implement it.

Try everything you can so you can and measure the results. Once you know something works, practice and repetition will polish your performance. With the help of the Coldwell Banker Premier Realty’s marketing team, Necia found many channels that worked to grow her business, including absentee owner campaigns and utilizing programs offered to position you as a neighborhood specialist. If something doesn’t work, at least you tried!

Do you want to attend one of our Mastermind classes in person? Fill out this form for more information on our class schedule. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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