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Two Mike Ferry Leaders Launch Their Real Estate Careers with Coldwell Banker Premier Realty

Coldwell Banker Premier Realty proudly welcomes two new real estate professionals to our team. While these agents may be new to Coldwell Banker, they are well known, and better yet, well respected in the Mike Ferry community. It would make sense that they would align themselves with the company best equipped to assist them in achieving success in the Las Vegas real estate market.

Ron Cronin, former Vice President of the Mike Ferry Organization, has trained thousands of agents worldwide on how to achieve success in real estate sales. He is now putting this valuable knowledge to work in his own business. First, by selecting the brokerage that best aligns with his value proposition and supports his efforts to implement the Mike Ferry System which is recognized as one of the country’s best practices in real estate sales training and coaching. Ron will also be sharing his experiences as he continues to coach a full schedule of agents from across the country in achieving and exceeding their personal and professional goals. It is an honor to welcome Ron back to where it all started as he began his real estate career with Coldwell Banker Premier Realty back in 2009! Ron’s energy is contagious, and we are excited for our existing and growing sales force who’ll be able to synergize with Ron and his efforts to reclaim his stake in the Las Vegas real estate industry.

We are equally excited to welcome Michelle Ferry-Cronin, Mike Ferry’s daughter, and former Mike Ferry Sales Director. While Michelle has been working in the real estate industry her entire adult life representing the Mike Ferry Organization, she considers herself a rookie as it pertains to listing and selling real estate. She wanted to associate with a company that embraces the MFO philosophy with the ability to support her growth as a new agent. We are pleased to extend the depth of our unique tools, support and brand recognition to ensure her inevitable success in the industry.

Why did this dynamic duo choose to make their home at Coldwell Banker Premier Realty?

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