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Working With Our Research and Analytics Department to Grow Your Business

Updated: May 30

When you join Coldwell Banker Premier Realty, you are joining the number one team in Southern Nevada. Our approach to leadership is at the heart of our company culture. The CBPR leadership team is dedicated to empowering sales associates to leave their mark on the real estate world.

As a former registered nurse, helping people is embedded into Clark’s DNA. This made the transition into real estate an easy decision for Clark because he could continue helping families by guiding them home across the Las Vegas Valley. Clark joined Coldwell Banker Premier Realty in May 2018. With determination and an incredibly positive attitude, Clark worked his way up from being a brand new agent to being ranked third overall in the company for April 2020. Along the way, Clark was recognized as runner-up for the Rookie of the Year Award, presented to the CBPR sales associate with the highest production in their first 12-months of business. Last week, Clark was the featured agent during the weekly Mastermind workshop where he shared his strategy for using Facebook to gain business from your SOI. We were curious as to what other resources at CBPR Clark uses in his quest to provide the most insightful information to his clients, friends, and family. This is what he had to say:

CBPR: You started with us as a brand-new agent and have been climbing the ranks ever since. Would you say one department at CBPR has helped you overall on the success of your business?

Clark: Well, I do attend all the training courses provided to us, but I would say that the Research and Analytics department has helped my business tremendously.

CBPR: That is wonderful! What services does this department provide for you, and how has that helped your business?

Clark: They provide weekly and monthly data on the Las Vegas real estate market. I never give a listing or buyer consultation without these reports in my digital or print presentations. I recently had a new client tell me that my preparedness and knowledge of the local market is what sold them on me.

CBPR: Why do you feel that this service is so important?

Clark: I am not a numbers guy, to be honest, so it is great that these reports are not only provided, but they are explained and interpreted by CEO, Bob Hamrick in his Monthly Market Update. Knowing that I am fully informed about what is happening in the housing market boosts my confidence when going on a listing or buying consultation. I know sharing this data helps my clients make informed decisions. CBPR: What advice would you give other agents just coming into the business?

Clark: Know your numbers and study these reports on a weekly basis. There are times when you are going up against seasoned agents. If you can answer their questions about the housing market in a way that makes sense to potential clients, it does not matter how long you have been an agent, you can win their business.

Meet Your Research and Analytics Vice President

John McClelland | Vice President, Research

John grew up on a wheat farm in Montana and was introduced to real estate early in life when his parents subdivided one of their properties for a housing development. Life on the farm meant John had plenty of time for reading and he was fascinated by the many economic books left around the house by his father. John has a bachelor’s degree in economics/literature from Montana State University and a master’s in economics from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. John works closely with both the Developer Services and Marketing departments to provide a multitude of services for our agents, including market reporting, advanced pricing analytics, demographic and psychographic analyses and real estate portfolio valuations.

Sample of the May 2020 Real Estate Report

Research and Analytics is one of many departments at CBPR helping our agents succeed. Click the photo to learn more about what our agents are saying about us. Don’t you think it is time to let us help you leave your mark?

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